532-27-4 (4’-Hydroxy-3’,5’-dimethoxyacetophenone)


CAS No: 2478-38-8

Description: Depending on its specific properties, 4’-Hydroxy-3’,5’-dimethoxyacetophenone and CAS NO: 532-27-4 might have applications in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, or other chemical processes. Its potential uses would depend on its reactivity and biological activity. Hyderabad, a key player in India’s chemical industry, offers a robust network of suppliers for 4′-droxy3′,5dimethoxyacetophenone (CAS No: 532-27-4). This compound, known for its specific chemical properties and versatility, is available in high-quality form from Hyderabad’s experienced suppliers. 4′-Hydroxy-3′,5′-dimethoxyacetophenone in various industrial sectors and the benefits of sourcing it from Hyderabad, known for its commitment to quality and customer service.

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