Mr. Karike Srinivas


Karike Srinivas is the founder of the company Srini Chem year 2015. A first generation entrepreneur in this pharma field. Srini Chem story began more than 10 years ago, focus with combined scientific rigor and passion for speciality chemicals manufacturing for industry needs.

  • Educational area : Masters in organic chemistry from Kakatiya university Telangana.
  • 10 years of research experience in pharma companies like Aurigene Discovery Technologies and Sail life sciences.
  • 10 years experience in pharma drug intermediates manufacturing .
  • Wide experience in advanced drug intermediates and speciality chemicals.
  • His role at various positions in the chemical industry with good experience in the field of research and development area in multiple organizations.
  • Research life to building up strong skill sets and a remarkable level of self-confidence to succeed in organization development.

Our Vision

To become a leading pharma company & a preferred partner for the global pharma industry for speciality chemicals, advanced intermediates and fine chemicals.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a cost-effective and time-bound research Chemicals in the area of custom synthesis and drug development.

Quality Assurance

Quality control protocols are rigorously enforced to ensure product consistency and compliance with regulatory standards. This includes extensive testing and analysis at various stages of production.

Srini Chem is successful track record in contract research on chemical syntheses and the service of customized, new, and complex molecule synthesis lay the groundwork for our ability to scout for new/better/ alternate routes to your molecules.

Pilot-scale Processing

A key component to successful commercialization involves the transfer of lab-scale technologies to the next logical stage: pilot scale-up. At this step, scalable equipment and processing conditions can be identified in order to optimally predict manufacturing results once commercial material is needed. Parameters studied during pilot scale-up include:

  • Temperature and pressure profiles
  • Appropriate solvent selections considering both cost and regulatory concerns
  • Residence times for critical reaction steps
  • Necessary transfer techniques for the addition of reagents

Unlike many custom processing facilities that focus only on lab-scale chemistry and process development or full-scale manufacture, SriniChem offers the capability to take a new process from the initial laboratory stage through pilot-scale optimization, followed by commercial, full-scale production. Our pilot facilities possess pilot reactors of various materials of construction (glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc.) as well as high-pressure and temperature capabilities, if required. Further, our pilot services focus not only on reactor availability, but also include ancillary and complementary unit operation equipment such as distillation columns, solids handling and isolation, and various agitation and propeller options.

Purification Technologies

We are doing chromatography systems. Standard flash chromatography can be run on Silica jel columns .we perform preparative medium-pressure chromatography at pressures of up to 50 bar and flow rates of up to 250 mL/min.

For large-scale R&D projects, it is often required to purify kg quantities by chromatography.

High pressure reaction technology

Srini Chem utilize high pressure hydrogenation, such as reductive amination, alkylation of amines, amination of alcohol, nitrile hydrogenation, and nitrogen-containing aromatic compound hydrogenation, to synthesize wide variety of amines and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds.


  • Total area: 1500 sq. ft.
  • Fume hoods with N2, Air, and Vacuum lines
  • 1L, 5L, 20L Rotavaps
  • Hydrogenation lab with 250mL to 2L capacity
  • Hot air vacuum oven, Centrifuge, etc.
  • Column Chromatography
  • Lab space suitable for making mg to kg quantities


  • Total area: 2,200 sq. ft.
  • 200L Glass Reaction Setup - 2 Units
  • 100L Glass Reaction Setup - 2 Units
  • 50L Glass Reaction Setup - 1 Unit
  • 20L and 1L Rotavaps
  • Nutsche filter, Small Centrifuge, Centralized water chiller, etc.
  • Power backup for the entire facility
  • 100 kg capacity vacuum dryer