122-52-1 (Triethyl Phosphite)

Triethyl Phosphite

CAS No: 122-52-1

Description: Triethyl phosphite, with the chemical formula ( C_6H_15O_3P ) and the CAS NO: 122-52-1, is an organophosphorus compound. It consists of a phosphorus atom bonded to three ethoxy groups (OC2H5).Chemically, triethyl phosphite is used as a reagent in organic synthesis, particularly in the preparation of various phosphorus-containing organi compounds. For  businesses and researchers in Hyderabad seeking a reliable source of Triethyl Phosphite with the CAS NO: 122-52-1, it is essential to connect with reputable chemical suppliers and distributors in the region. These suppliers play a crucial role in ensuring a steady and quality supply of TEP for various industrial applications. To find Triethyl Phosphite suppliers in Hyderabad, consider exploring local chemical markets, industrial suppliers, and online platforms that specialize in chemical procurement. Leading chemical distributors in Hyderabad may offer competitive prices and convenient delivery options for businesses in need of Triethyl Phosphite.

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