762-04-9 (Diethyl Phosphite)

Diethyl Phosphite

CAS No: 762-04-9

Description: Diethyl phosphite, with the chemical formula ( C_4H_11O_3P ) and the CAS NO: 762-04-9, is an organophosphorus compound. This chemical is characterized by the presence of two ethyl groups (C2H5) attached to a phosphorus atom, which is also connected to an oxygen atom (P(O)(OC2H5)2).Diethyl Phosphite CAS No: 762-04-9 typically a colorless, flammable liquid with a faint, sweetish odor. Diethyl Phosphite is an organophosphorus compound with the chemical formula (C2H5O)2POH. It is a clear, colorless to yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor. Diethyl Phosphite is often used as a reagent in organic synthesis and serves as a phosphorus source in various chemical reactions.Specifically looking for suppliers in Hyderabad, I recommend checking with local chemical distributors, industrial suppliers, or contacting chemical manufacturers directly.