53857-57-1 (5-Bromoindazole)


CAS No: 53857-57-1

Description:  5-Bromoindazole and CAS NO: 53857-57-1 is a chemical compound with a molecular structure that features an indazole ring substituted with a bromine atom at the 5-position. Indazole is a bicyclic aromatic compound containing a pyrazole ring fused to a benzene ring, and the bromine substitution adds specific chemical properties to the molecule. This brominated indazole compound is of significant interest in various chemical applications, serving as a versatile building block in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and other specialty chemicals. 5-Bromoindazole with CAS NO: 53857-57-1 is recognized for its diverse applications in organic synthesis. Its unique structure contributes to the development of compounds with potential biological activities. Industries such as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals utilize this compound to create products with unique chemical properties and functions. For sourcing 5-Bromoindazole in Hyderabad, connect with reputable chemical suppliers and distributors in the region. Utilize keywords like “5-Bromoindazole supplier in Hyderabad,” “CAS 53857-57-1 supplier Hyderabad,” and similar variations when searching online or in local directories. Verify their credibility, check customer reviews, and confirm compliance with safety and quality standards.

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