1332524-01-2/ methyl 2-{[3-fluoro-4-(methylcarbamoyl)phenyl]amino}-2-methylpropanoate(Enzalutamide-KSM)

methyl 2-{[3-fluoro-4-(methylcarbamoyl)phenyl]amino}-2-methylpropanoate(Enzalutamide-KSM)

CAS NO: 1332524-01-2

Description: Methyl 2-{[3-fluoro-4-(methylcarbamoyl)phenyl]amino}-2-methylpropanoate with the CAS NO: 1332524-01-2 appears to be a key intermediate or starting material in the synthesis of Enzalutamide. Enzalutamide is a medication used in the treatment of prostate cancer.For businesses and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Hyderabad seeking a trusted source of Enzalutamide-KSM with CAS NO: 1332524-01 , it is essential to establish connections with reliable chemical suppliers and distributors. These suppliers play a pivotal role in ensuring a consistent and high-quality supply of Enzalutamide-KSM with CAS NO: 1332524-01 for pharmaceutical production. To find Enzalutamide-KSM CAS NO: 1332524-01  suppliers in Hyderabad, explore local chemical markets, pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers, and online platforms specializing in chemical procurement. Reputable suppliers in Hyderabad may offer competitive prices and convenient delivery options for businesses in need of Enzalutamide-KSM.

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