CAS No: 1560-54-9

Description: allyltriphenylphosphonium bromide (CAS number 1560-54-9) with Chemical formula: C18H18PBr is an organophosphorus compound used as a phase transfer catalyst and alkylating agent, but has potential hazards with burns, toxicity and irritation.It is commonly employed in organic chemistry for the synthesis of allylated compounds. The allyl group is a versatile functional group that can participate in various reactions, making this compound valuable in the development of organic synthetic routes Allyltriphenylphosphonium bromide  with CAS NO 1560-54-9  and  molecular weight  353.2 g/mol is a quaternary ammonium salt with a phosphonium cation. It features an allyl group attached to a triphenylphosphonium moiety, and the bromide ion serves as the counterion. This compound is often used in organic synthesis as a source of the allyl group in various reactions.For information on suppliers in Hyderabad or any specific region, I recommend checking with local chemical distributors, chemical marketplaces, or contacting chemical manufacturers directly. You can also explore online chemical databases, directories, or trade platforms that list suppliers and their contact information.

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